Photoshop PSD Viewer


Photoshop PSD Viewer 

This version is universal and compatible with iOS 4.3+, 5 and 6, and will run on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, iPod Touch and on all iPads.

$ 0.99  PSD Viewer Lite 

This is a free Ad supported version. It doesn’t support landscape mode and is limited to 3 PSD files.



Opening Adobe Photoshop PSD document files on iPhone, iPod or iPad? Impossible? Until now. When you install PSD Viewer on your iOS device you will be able to open PSD files from Mail, Safari or any other application that supports opening files in external utilities (for example DropBox).

? PSD Viewer will run on your iPhone (takes advantage of Retina display), iPod Touch and on your iPad as well. Pay just once and use anywhere, since all devices are supported with this universal application.

? Fast file loading (even big files) and very precise zooming up to 1000% makes this a perfect tool to show off your work.

? PSD Viewer is using ISO standard color management to properly display any PSD file.

? Currently supported color models are Grayscale, RGB, CMYK and CIE Lab in both 8 and 16-bit variants.

? iTunes File Sharing support, so you can easily upload big files using your USB cable

? All previously opened PSD files are archived for faster access inside the PSD Viewer.

? Thumbnail view for easy file identification

? Portrait and landscape mode all over the application

? Batch image viewing for all previously archived images.

? Every loaded PSD file can be converted and saved to device Photo Album for further sharing or e-mailing in PNG/JPEG formats