Contacts Backup to Dropbox


Contacts Backup 

This version is universal and compatible with iOS 5.0+ and 6, and will run on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, iPod Touch and on all iPads.

$ 1.99  Contacts Backup Lite 

This is a free Ad supported version. It is limited to 100 contacts.


Contacts Backup is a perfect option for those who would like to transfer Address Book contacts to any other device, computer or just would like to have a backup on Dropbox. Backups are stored in standardized vCard format with .vcf file extension.

Switching to another iCloud account? Upgrading to newer iOS? Do you have another phone from different manufacturer? Perfect, you’re prepared for any scenario.

  • You can backup whole Address Book or select individual contacts
  • All data is saved to your backup including contact pictures
  • Save your backup in one big .vcf file with all selected contacts, or save it in a .zip file with seperate .vcf files for each contact
  • Make a local offline copy of your backup directly on your device. Backup can be accessed by any web browser around using local WiFi connection.
  • Access local backups using iTunes File Sharing over USB cable or WiFi connection
  • Send backup by E-Mail to yourself and keep it in Inbox. Easily restore backup on another device directly from Mail.
  • Upload your backup to Dropbox cloud account for later use
  • Perfect tool for those who need to transfer contacts to another mobile phone, computer or simply to get access to contacts through Dropbox.
  • Easily restore your contacts directly from Mail app
  • Application is universal, pay once and use on all your devices including iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad