TouchPad Remote

Since new Connector has been updated to version 2.0.3 and it now supports touch events and gestures along with full keyboard we kindly inform you of new iOS app to take advantage of these features.

TouchPad Remote is a handy remote trackpad and a keyboard able to control your Mac computer. It connects over your local WiFi (or Bluetooth/USB in case of Internet Tethering through iOS device) and uses Bonjour/Zeroconf to automatically discover your computers.

Do you have a MacMini connected to your TV? Do you have Bluetooth keyboard or mouse/trackpad and your batteries suddenly run out of power? Batteries charging can take a while … but you’re covered now. Use touchpad gesture to do mouse movement, clicking, double-clicking, scrolling and dragging. With a real keyboard simulated you can send even complex keyboard shortcuts like Shift+Alt+Cmd+Escape and more…

TouchPad Remote is now available in the AppStore. It requires iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with atleast iOS 4.3+.