Mango 2.1 for iOS

New Mango version 2.1 for iOS including iPhone version, iPad version, Universal version and Lite version has been submitted to Apple for review. They should be all available in about 7 days. Lite version is now Universal as well and will work on both iPhone/iPod and iPad. Minimum iOS version required is 4.3 and all devices including new iPhone 5, iPad Mini are supported.

There is a lot of new stuff under the hood, fixing all issues present in previous versions. UI has been revamped for more pleasant screen estate and includes also swipe gestures for switching between Console, Chat and User list screens. To improve security all your passwords are no longer saved in plain text format, but they are encrypted in your keychain.

Version 2.1 also includes experimental Lua based engine and will allow you to write your custom scripts or plug-ins in this popular and easy to learn programming language. This applies to the OS X version as well, and good news is all plug-ins are cross-compatible between iOS and OS X.