Mango 2.1 for OS X

New Mango IRC version 2.1 for OS X with revamped UI has been submitted to Apple for review. Since review times are now a little bit longer, we expect it to be published in the Mac AppStore in about 20 days.

Beside numerous bug fixes and speed enhancements, there are some new features as well. Now there is a full menus with keyboard shortcuts for easy app navigation using your keyboard. You can share funny or other interesting messages directly to Twitter or Facebook. On Mountain Lion you will get Notification Center support, simply when Mango is out of your sight and somebody mentions you, you will get a nice notification. Oh and lastly, new Mango should look fantastic on your Retina display now.

Sidebar now contains your Server list, Console and Search, it can he hidden with ?S. User list for current channel has been moved to the right and can be hidden with ?U. If you don’t need them, you can hide them both.