Designer Preview is now Mockup

Designer Preview has been redesigned for iOS 7 and will change it’s name to Mockup. It’s in final state of testing and will be released to the AppStore next week. This will be a free update for all existing customers of Designer Preview. Hardware requirements are not changing so you’re safe with iOS 4.3 or OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard as well.

In case you’re not familiar with Designer Preview (now Mockup), Mockup is an OS X application that connects to it’s iOS counterpart over WiFi (or Bluetooth/USB cable in case of Internet Tethering) and allows you to preview your designs on any number of iOS devices at once in realtime. You can build your design layout in layers, position them on screen, play with opacity, blending modes, rotation and so on. Multiple iOS devices could be connected at a time, so you can for example showcase your design in a meeting to all users.

Mockup also cooperates with any image editors you use for your daily work. Simply add an image you’re currently editing in your favorite image editor, hit Save and Mockup instantly updates all connected iOS devices with your changes.