MyWallet for iCloud

MyWallet will get one last feature before version 2.0 is introduced later this year. Update to version 1.5 should be available in the AppStore in about 10 days and brings full support for iCloud automated syncing between your devices and computers.

You no longer need to worry about updating your wallet items on one device and then not having them up to date on another one, unless you transferred your wallet using Dropbox. Of course Dropbox backup and restore stays, and we even added Dropbox sync for those who are not using iCloud or iCloud is not available on their devices/computers.

Encrypted database in MyWallet has been optimized for size, so all the changes you do are pushed to all devices almost in real-time. We also thought about scenarios where conflicts could occur (for example 2 offline devices doing changes at the same time) and those are either solved automatically or by asking the user to decide.