Designer Preview

A new application called Designer Preview has been submitted to Apple and should appear in the AppStore this week. This is a designer tool for all iOS application designers, developers and can be used to preview your designs or ideas in real-time on any devices, or can be used during meetings to present your ideas to your colleagues. Have a look at the demonstration video.

Designer Preview consists of a Free Mac layout designer app and an iOS application that could be installed on any number of devices. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are supported.

Simply drag’n’drop your design files in any popular image format to Designer and they will be stacked as layers. You can then immediately start controlling your layers’ position, rotation, retina mode or rotation and the changes you make are reflected on all connected devices in real-time as well. Data to your devices is transferred in pixel-perfect lossless retina quality so you won’t miss a single pixel.

Another useful feature for designers is that every file you drop to Designer is actively being monitored for changes. For example, if you’re still editing a PSD file in Photoshop, just hit Save and your layer in Designer is immediately updated and changes transferred to all connected devices as well. Check out the Designer Preview page for more information.