Mediaware, Ltd is specializing in the iOS and Mac AppStore software publishing for developers around the world, as well as software development for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux since 2009 as newly established company in the heart of Europe.

For inquires regarding AppStore publishing or custom iOS or Mac development, please contact info@mediaware.sk


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Having troubles or need help with any of our applications? Then feel free to contact our support team available during work days at support@mediaware.sk. Do not forget to prepare important information about your app and your device. We usually need to know the version of your iOS firmware or OS X version. Version of the app you’re using and steps you did, so we can reproduce the problem. If you have only a quick question you may use Twitter as well and send a message to @mediaware_sk.

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To stay connected and up to date you can follow us on Twitter at @mediaware_sk where all blog entries (beside other fancy stuff) are tweeted.

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