Designer Preview


  Designer for Mac OS X

This version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

FREE    Designer Preview for iOS

This version is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires atleast iOS version 4.3+

$ 1.99 

Designer is a FREE app for Mac OS X and Designer Preview is an app for iOS. Both these will allow you to preview your designs, layouts or any arbitrary images in layers from your Mac computer on any number of connected iOS devices at once. All data is transferred to your devices in lossless and pixel-perfect quality. You can then control your layout and layers’ position, rotation, opacity, retina mode and so on. You will be also able to control all connected devices and modify their Statusbar, Keyboard presence or their Orientation. Also have a look at demonstration video.

  • To preview your design simply drag’n’drop any designs, sketches or simply any image to the Layers section. All popular formats are supported, including PSD, JPEG, PNG, ICNS, TIFF, BMP and others.
  • All files you drop to your layout are being monitored for changes, so for example if you’re still working on your design in Photoshop and hit Save, your design will be automatically updated and uploaded to all connected devices.
  • All images you drop to your layout are stacked in layers and you can freely control their position, rotation, opacity, retina mode etc. Every change you make is previewed on connected devices in real-time.
  • Your layers are previewed on connected devices in pixel-perfect lossless quality.
  • You can choose from iPhone or iPad templates suites for all available models.
  • For all connected devices you can control the Statusbar, Keyboard presence and either Portrait or Landscape orientation.

  • To connect to iOS devices you will need to have FREE application from the iOS AppStore installed. Application is called Designer Preview.
  • All available iOS devices will appear in Mac Designer automatically without any configuration. You can connect to any number of devices at once and mirror your design layout on all of them. To connect a device, simply tap on it’s name in the Devices section.
  • All connected iOS devices will report back their screen resolution, battery status, iOS version and maximum texture size for their GPU