There are other numerous projects in progress and they will be announced here when they get name, enter beta testing stage or they are released to public. These projects are in development by different developers around the world and published under Mediaware. For these projects we don’t promise any dates, nor it is yet decided if they are ever released.

Do you have an app idea, developed something for iOS or Mac OS X already, or need help with publishing in iOS or Mac AppStore? Feel free to drop an e-mail to

Or maybe do you have a great idea or feature request for any of the existing apps? Drop an e-mail as well.


Custom iOS or Mac app development

Do you need a custom iOS or Mac app developed for your business? There are several options:

  • Standalone app developed for you, packaged with all the source code and delivered to you. You take care of publishing in the AppStore. If you need an update you can contact us or use somebody else to do the update.
  • Standalone app developed actively with close co-operation of both parties. We will help you with publishing in the AppStore, we take care of the updates and maintain the source code, so you have time for your business.
  • Custom Business 2 Business (B2B) app development based on Apple’s B2B and Volume Licensing programs. More information can be found here:

If you’re interesting in any of these options, or you may have a different idea or business proposal feel free to contact us at

Existing app customization

We are ready to customize any of the applications we developed for your needs and publish it in the AppStore under new name. For example take a look at Mango IRC chat client. This application can be fully customized to connect to your own IRC server or your own chat rooms. For example it can provide support to your customers, discussions about your products and so on. Any features can be hidden or locked to predefined settings. You can choose logo, application icon, name and even UI colors. For inquiry please write an e-mail to

Other platforms

We also develop applications for other platforms like Windows or Linux. We have developed strong portable frameworks that even allows us to make one application and have it running on all of these platforms (iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows) and look the same.