Connector back in Mac AppStore

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After a very long time Connector is coming back to the Mac AppStore. Those users who have Apple ID and Mac AppStore available can use this version just for convenience. However also Developer signed version available as a free download on this website will be supported for future. Both versions are free and will be updated with same functionality and security fixes. The only advantages of using Developer signed version are faster updates and availability for users without access to Mac AppStore.

Remote Pro and Connector

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New Connector 2.2 is almost ready for release and it should appear next week. Since many users are facing poor wireless reception there was a need to optimize the network protocol being used to be faster and more stable in such conditions.

And it happened already, new generations of Connector itself, NumPad Remote, TouchPad Remote and Remote Pro applications are now using completely new network protocol, that uses 3x less data to transfer events and thus it’s 3x faster. Due to this also stability in poor conditions is much better. What you notice is a much more smooth operation when using any of the remote applications.

As a bonus Remote Pro is now featuring an application switcher similar to one on your Mac when you press Cmd+Tab. This will help you quickly navigate through open applications on your Mac without using trackpad. More cool features are of course coming in near future and as usual if you have any ideas just drop us an e-mail or just send a message on Twitter.

Updated versions of NumPad Remote, TouchPad Remote, Remote Pro and Connector are coming next week.

Designer Preview is now Mockup

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Designer Preview has been redesigned for iOS 7 and will change it’s name to Mockup. It’s in final state of testing and will be released to the AppStore next week. This will be a free update for all existing customers of Designer Preview. Hardware requirements are not changing so you’re safe with iOS 4.3 or OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard as well.

In case you’re not familiar with Designer Preview (now Mockup), Mockup is an OS X application that connects to it’s iOS counterpart over WiFi (or Bluetooth/USB cable in case of Internet Tethering) and allows you to preview your designs on any number of iOS devices at once in realtime. You can build your design layout in layers, position them on screen, play with opacity, blending modes, rotation and so on. Multiple iOS devices could be connected at a time, so you can for example showcase your design in a meeting to all users.

Mockup also cooperates with any image editors you use for your daily work. Simply add an image you’re currently editing in your favorite image editor, hit Save and Mockup instantly updates all connected iOS devices with your changes.

MyWallet and iOS 7

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MyWallet with iCloud support (version 1.5) was held back since Apple was about to release the refreshed iOS 7.0. New iOS is aleady out a people are quickly updating. Soon very similar thing will happen when Apple decides to release new OS X 10.9 Mavericks. MyWallet is being upgraded also visually to speak both iOS and OS X design languages. Version 1.5 for iOS is ready to be released and Apple should approve it to the AppStore next week. OS X version will follow the week after.

MyWallet for iCloud

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MyWallet will get one last feature before version 2.0 is introduced later this year. Update to version 1.5 should be available in the AppStore in about 10 days and brings full support for iCloud automated syncing between your devices and computers.

You no longer need to worry about updating your wallet items on one device and then not having them up to date on another one, unless you transferred your wallet using Dropbox. Of course Dropbox backup and restore stays, and we even added Dropbox sync for those who are not using iCloud or iCloud is not available on their devices/computers.

Encrypted database in MyWallet has been optimized for size, so all the changes you do are pushed to all devices almost in real-time. We also thought about scenarios where conflicts could occur (for example 2 offline devices doing changes at the same time) and those are either solved automatically or by asking the user to decide.

Designer Preview

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A new application called Designer Preview has been submitted to Apple and should appear in the AppStore this week. This is a designer tool for all iOS application designers, developers and can be used to preview your designs or ideas in real-time on any devices, or can be used during meetings to present your ideas to your colleagues. Have a look at the demonstration video.

Designer Preview consists of a Free Mac layout designer app and an iOS application that could be installed on any number of devices. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are supported.

Simply drag’n’drop your design files in any popular image format to Designer and they will be stacked as layers. You can then immediately start controlling your layers’ position, rotation, retina mode or rotation and the changes you make are reflected on all connected devices in real-time as well. Data to your devices is transferred in pixel-perfect lossless retina quality so you won’t miss a single pixel.

Another useful feature for designers is that every file you drop to Designer is actively being monitored for changes. For example, if you’re still editing a PSD file in Photoshop, just hit Save and your layer in Designer is immediately updated and changes transferred to all connected devices as well. Check out the Designer Preview page for more information.

TouchPad Remote

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Since new Connector has been updated to version 2.0.3 and it now supports touch events and gestures along with full keyboard we kindly inform you of new iOS app to take advantage of these features.

TouchPad Remote is a handy remote trackpad and a keyboard able to control your Mac computer. It connects over your local WiFi (or Bluetooth/USB in case of Internet Tethering through iOS device) and uses Bonjour/Zeroconf to automatically discover your computers.

Do you have a MacMini connected to your TV? Do you have Bluetooth keyboard or mouse/trackpad and your batteries suddenly run out of power? Batteries charging can take a while … but you’re covered now. Use touchpad gesture to do mouse movement, clicking, double-clicking, scrolling and dragging. With a real keyboard simulated you can send even complex keyboard shortcuts like Shift+Alt+Cmd+Escape and more…

TouchPad Remote is now available in the AppStore. It requires iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with atleast iOS 4.3+.

NumPad Remote 2.0

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New version of NumPad Remote version 2.0 for iPhone, iPod and iPad has been submitted to Apple for review. This update requires atleast iOS 4.3 and sports completely rewritten networking protocol, which is now streaming data and offers realtime responsiveness on good WiFi connection. Apple should release it in about 6 days after testing and reviewing the update.

Because of this, NumPad Connector is now compatible only with older NumPad Remote. You will need to upgrade to new Connector 2 available here as soon as NumPad Remote gets released. Older Connector has troubles running on OS X 10.6, so we made sure this one works perfect. That means new Connector 2 is compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

However due to restrictions for Mac AppStore apps, Connector 2 won’t be available through AppStore but has to be downloaded from our website. It is a proper Developer Signed application (identified developer). In case you’re running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, make sure you allow applications from identified developers in your System Preferences / Security & Privacy, as you can see on following screenshot.

Connector 2 has more features now as well, beside Numeric Pad it supports complete remote keyboard and touchpad events, even special multimedia keys. Therefore there are more applications planned and will be supported by the very same Connector. Connector for PC computers (Windows) is in progress as well and will be announced here shortly.

Mango 2.1 for iOS

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New Mango version 2.1 for iOS including iPhone version, iPad version, Universal version and Lite version has been submitted to Apple for review. They should be all available in about 7 days. Lite version is now Universal as well and will work on both iPhone/iPod and iPad. Minimum iOS version required is 4.3 and all devices including new iPhone 5, iPad Mini are supported.

There is a lot of new stuff under the hood, fixing all issues present in previous versions. UI has been revamped for more pleasant screen estate and includes also swipe gestures for switching between Console, Chat and User list screens. To improve security all your passwords are no longer saved in plain text format, but they are encrypted in your keychain.

Version 2.1 also includes experimental Lua based engine and will allow you to write your custom scripts or plug-ins in this popular and easy to learn programming language. This applies to the OS X version as well, and good news is all plug-ins are cross-compatible between iOS and OS X.

Mango 2.1 for OS X

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New Mango IRC version 2.1 for OS X with revamped UI has been submitted to Apple for review. Since review times are now a little bit longer, we expect it to be published in the Mac AppStore in about 20 days.

Beside numerous bug fixes and speed enhancements, there are some new features as well. Now there is a full menus with keyboard shortcuts for easy app navigation using your keyboard. You can share funny or other interesting messages directly to Twitter or Facebook. On Mountain Lion you will get Notification Center support, simply when Mango is out of your sight and somebody mentions you, you will get a nice notification. Oh and lastly, new Mango should look fantastic on your Retina display now.

Sidebar now contains your Server list, Console and Search, it can he hidden with ?S. User list for current channel has been moved to the right and can be hidden with ?U. If you don’t need them, you can hide them both.