Blurrr! for iOS 

This version is universal and compatible with iOS 4.3+, 5 and 6, and will run on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, iPod Touch and on all iPads.

$ 0.99 

Choose any photo or existing wallpaper and transfer it to an amazing new wallpaper just by swiping your finger!

To create great looking wallpapers it is advised to choose pictures or take photos with bright colors. If you have any idea how to improve the application please visit our support page and send us an e-mail.

  • Create stunning backgrounds by blurring existing photos , wallpapers or take a new photo using camera
  • Your new blurred wallpapers will be less distracting and will fit much better with iOS 7 design
  • Blurrr! even works on older devices, iOS 4.3 or newer is required
  • Buy once and use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini)
  • Save your new wallpapers to Camera Roll, send them by iMessage or E-Mail
  • Share your work to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr

Want to get the Blurrr! app for free? We will give you a free promo code if you help to translate the app to your native language.