Remote Pro and Connector

New Connector 2.2 is almost ready for release and it should appear next week. Since many users are facing poor wireless reception there was a need to optimize the network protocol being used to be faster and more stable in such conditions.

And it happened already, new generations of Connector itself, NumPad Remote, TouchPad Remote and Remote Pro applications are now using completely new network protocol, that uses 3x less data to transfer events and thus it’s 3x faster. Due to this also stability in poor conditions is much better. What you notice is a much more smooth operation when using any of the remote applications.

As a bonus Remote Pro is now featuring an application switcher similar to one on your Mac when you press Cmd+Tab. This will help you quickly navigate through open applications on your Mac without using trackpad. More cool features are of course coming in near future and as usual if you have any ideas just drop us an e-mail or just send a message on Twitter.

Updated versions of NumPad Remote, TouchPad Remote, Remote Pro and Connector are coming next week.